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About Us


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Consumer Products
  • Health & beauty

  • Quality

    Quality is something that we strive for everyday. It is a process of continuous improvement. All ingredients and materials are subject to specific inspections at each stage of production. During manufacturing, we carry out regular checks of all factors that can affect quality and efficacy. Sophisticated HVAC systems in all production areas exclude the risk of micro-organisms contamination of ingredients. To test the shelf life and stability of our products we perform stability studies as per FDA and ICH storage conditions and analyze them at regular intervals. Our findings form the basis for specifying product shelf life.

    In the commitment to provide the highest quality of products, we put the greatest emphasis on:

  • Upgrading of our GMP according to FDA requirements
  • Performing at high scientific standards by implementing cGMP and FDA regulations
  • On-the-job GMP training
  • Specification on every stage of production
  • Qualification of suppliers
  • Audits (internal and external)
  • Qualification of equipment in production and laboratories
  • Validation of processes in production and laboratories
  • Regular calibration of equipment
  • Quick response to complaints

  • Safety

    An integral part of our responsibilities is to assure the safety and protection of all employees by taking all the necessary steps and precautions to prevent accidents and to guarantee the application of the safety rules of OSHA


    Aditya Labs has a team of highly qualified, experienced and skilled professionals who are committed to excellence in terms of product quality, productivity and cost efficiency. This highly qualified and motivated staff enables us to ensure the highest manufacturing and quality standards of its products. Being aware of the fact that the company's success depends on teamwork, we are committed to ensure the better and further improvement of our employees. Serious attention is dedicated to improve the employees’ qualifications

    Warehousing & Distribution

    The storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products need to be handled with great care. Raw materials awaiting processing and finished products awaiting dispatch are stored in controlled storage areas. Only the products that successfully comply with the applicable standards, pharmacopoeia regulations and the requirements of the approval authorities are released for sale. It is because of the application of all these resources and the consistency of our system of quality assurance that doctors, pharmacists and patients can rely on the safety of our products.


  • Located in Somerset, NJ
  • 24-hour operations
  • 24-hour full-facility surveillance
  • Controlled-environment clean rooms
  • Analytical & product development
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